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A hand on a laptop keyboard with a screen showing Backup.
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IPM Computers is now a Carbonite Reseller!

Interested in a backup solution? Read our previous post about backup solutions. We can now help you purchase and install...

A woman using a laptop
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I’m looking to buy a new laptop, what should I get?

I hear this question at least a few times a week. So I decided that todays article should be written out exactly as I te...

A hand showing four fingers.
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Rule of 4.

Our company believes in planning ahead for the future, so as a rule of thumb any computer 4 years and older in most case...

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Want to back up your data but barely know how to turn on a computer?

I used to recommend using external hard drives to people when it came to the subject of backing up their data, but over ...

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Why buy custom computers instead of pre-boxed in store brands?

Everyone asks me “Well I can get a computer from xxxxx for $500, why can’t you build one as cheap as them?&#...

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Tell me again why you paid for your anti virus!? Sometimes Free is Enough I ...

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Let’s move to Hong Kong… where the internet is actually FAST…

Enjoy This “Fun” Read I love how our con...

Removable media including an external hard drive, SD cards, and others.
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Backing up your company data!

Dell-Micro_Data-Rotation_apr23 <— PDF White paper can be downloaded here. Be Sure to Read This if You’re ...

A man frustrated with his laptop due to slow internet speeds.
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Time Warner lags behind (what a surprise…not)

Click here for main source There are so many things wrong with this. Time Warner needs to quit acting like BP and actual...

An old laptop with a newspaper laying on top of it.
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Have a computer you want to get rid of?

If you have an old computer within four years of age that you are not in need of but are not sure how to safely dispose ...