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Reasons Why Cyber Attacks Increase Over the Holidays
Guidance From Your Wrightsville Beach IT Security Experts

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Cyber Security Updates

Cybercrime rates increase considerably during the holiday season. It is estimated that these rates rise by an average of 2.6 percent during the season. The increase in crime can be attributed to various reasons, but IT experts believe cybercriminals use the holidays to access more victims and higher profits. Here, we’ll discuss why cybercrime rates have increased during this time.

1. An Increase in Online Shopping

Online shopping has seen a major surge in popularity over the past few years and continues to be a leading e-commerce trend. Providing outstanding customer service is essential for businesses to thrive in this digital age. Unfortunately, criminals also recognize the value of products and services, making businesses a prime target for attack.

With an expansive range of items available on their websites, companies are especially vulnerable during peak seasons such as holiday periods when customers are using the web more frequently to track purchases. As a result, this can leave data exposed that could be potentially used for identity theft or other illegal activities – creating added stress and worry when it comes to online safety while shopping.

2. Networks Are Under More Strain

During the holiday season, cybercriminals are actively in trying to exploit networks and users. They often disguise themselves as employees or send malicious software through emails that unsuspecting users may open. This can leave your network vulnerable to performance issues such as slowdowns and crashes.

To keep your data protected, we suggest having a reliable backup solution in place just in case you experience any irregular activity on your network.

3. More Valuable Data to Steal

It’s essential to remain vigilant with your online security. Sadly, cybercriminals can target anyone–both big corporations and small businesses. They’re typically on the lookout for confidential information like financial records and banking details. Don’t let them slip through the cracks; make sure all of your accounts have added protection in place!

4. IT Professionals Are On Holiday

IT professionals are tasked with securing the network and data and gaining control of the situation. During the holiday season, they are away from the office and busy with their families. This means they are less available or even unavailable to deal with security breaches and data attacks.

It’s an opportunity for hackers to penetrate the network and steal confidential information. You should invest in additional security measures or hire more personnel over the holidays to protect your business if your IT professionals are unavailable.

5. Receiving Fake Tracking Links

Whenever you’re excitedly tracking a package or gift, be sure to watch out for suspicious links sent by unknown sources. Clicking on them could lead to the download of malicious software that can take control of your device and limit its functions. To protect yourself, always double-check links before clicking – it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Contact a Reputable Wrightsville Beach IT Service Provider

Protecting a business from cybercriminals is a full-time job. If you need more time to protect your network, contact a reputable IT service provider in Wrightsville Beach for help. A dedicated IT service provider will ensure your network is secure and guide you to protect your business in the future. They fully understand the challenges that companies face, and they have the resources to help you succeed. 

The holiday season is a great time to make money and relax, but it’s also dangerous. Ensure these activities do not conflict with your security, monitor your network’s activity continuously, and learn as much as possible about cyber theft. Find out how to protect yourself and your business before the season ends.

Protect Your Data During The Holiday Season

At IPM, we understand the crucial role that IT services play in fostering business expansion securely. Our tailored solutions, from comprehensive cybersecurity audits in Wrightsville Beach, NC, are designed to empower your business against evolving threats.

Partner with IPM Computers to fortify your digital presence and ensure a resilient foundation for growth. Take the proactive step towards a secure future – contact us today for unparalleled Wrightsville Beach cybersecurity services and a personalized cybersecurity audit.

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